My trainees’ accounts of their experience with us represent a valuable contribution to helping potential future students decide on whether to apply for a practical traineeship at our centre.


I’m glad to share my memories from the sunny days in Portugal which I spent with my wonderful trainer Dörte Bialluch and her horses. During that time I did groundwork, lunging and riding. I leant different types of halts and how to make a horse supple, collected, free in movements. As well to lower and increase energy and use it for special exercises. I worked on my seat, to keep balance, and apply the aids in the correct way and time. The lessons gave me a lot of body awareness and helped me understand the most important details while working with horses.

Special thanks for Saskia, who made our work full of fun and interesting conversations and for my beloved Lars von Tierwald who visited me in this special place on the Earth.


Academic Art of Riding in Portugal

My world and perception of horses changed completely. It will not be the same and now I look at horses differently. Thanks to Dörte Bialluch Vaz Pinto. I was a student at Dörte’s place in April. She showed me her world and how horses live there. And you know what? Now I can't imagine any other way of life for a horse!
I saw the horse's eyes, and inside I saw something I couldn't see before, horse's soul. This is perhaps the most important lesson which Dörte gave to me. It all sounds a little bit exaggerated, but believe me, it isn’t! The fairytale exists, and if you want to see it and discover it for yourself, you can come to the most wonderful place on the planet, in Portugal, to Dorte.
What did this trip give me? Sensitivity and fairness, understanding the language of horses, and most importantly, I taught myself to speak it.
After returning home, I was worried if I could see all those things in my horse and if she could understand me?
And a miracle happened! I saw that my horse could understand me! Before I visited Dörte, I couldn't see it.
As for staying at Dörte's place, it was very comfortable. Dörte and her husband are very friendly; they can even feed you the most stunningly delicious dinner that Portuguese and German cuisine can offer!
Thank you Dörte for this experience! Best Wishes Christina Hramtsova

Winter Stable Routine at our Premises  at Casa da Baía da Nau
Dear Trainees,
Welcome to our facilities!
We hope that everything is to your liking in your room and that you find it clean and welcoming. Please let us know directly if anything you need is missing or if you are unhappy with anything.
We’re happy to help so that we can be sure that you feel at home here.
In order to ensure the smooth coordination of our daily routine while you’re with us we have put together the following schedule:
07.00 a.m.   morning stable work – feeding, mucking out and sweeping
09.00 – 10.30 a.m.  trainee instruction
10.30 a.m. – 12.30 p.m.  break while Dörte trains with her horses
12.30 p.m.   lunch for the horses
13.00 – 15.30 p.m.  break
15.30 p.m.   various duties relating to caring for the horses
17.00 p.m.   evening stable work – feeding and mucking out
18.00 p.m.   end of the working day